About Eurth

Eurth Techtronics Pvt Ltd(EURTH) is a manufacturing company specialized in Electronics Manufacturing Service, LED lightings and clean energy saving services. EURTH caters to both domestic as well as international markets. EURTH R&D was started in 2014 by a team am well experienced Technology savvy entrepreneurs and formally established as a company in 2015.

We address energy conservation requirements for large enterprises and focus on various energy saving solutions which has led to innovative technologies and LED Based products. EURTH’s innovative Lighting solutions based on Advanced LED technology will save energy of up to 75% with high power factor efficiencies. We are tied up with varies global companies to provide the latest in LED Lighting solutions. The wide range of products enables us to offer solutions across industries like Domestic, Corporate and Retail, Automotive, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics, etc.

We operate with the Motto of “Customer is First”.